the unknown.

I’m living amidst a lot of unknowns. I know we all do. But I’m living in a LOT of unknowns right now. And I’ll admit, it’s a little¬†scary.¬†I’m not currently walking through a valley or seated on the mountaintop. I’m more so inching along, taking baby steps, on a path I don’t recognize. Some days there is more light on my path than others. And some days I can hardly see my toes.

Today I’ve found myself stopping in the middle of a work email or paperwork, daydreaming/worrying into possible outcomes for some things I’m walking through. Finally, around 2:30 in the afternoon today, I had had enough of the worrying. I went to one of my favorite devotionals, “A Diary of Private Prayer” by John Baillie, and read the first line (no coincidence here):

“Almighty God, who of Thine infinite wisdom hast ordained that I should live my life within these narrow bounds of time and circumstance, let me now go forth into the world with a brave and trustful heart.”


Yep. There you have it. I can choose (and it is a choice) to let the stress of the unknown take me out, pull my hair, bite my lips, chew my fingernails, worry through each hour, and deny my Spirit the possible growth in faith. Or I could choose to rest! I could choose to march forward in confidence, with a “brave and trustful heart”.

And I think I might just do that. I think I’ll pray for His omnipotence to be sovereign and His will to be worked out unto completion. I think I’ll trust the One who put me here, who put me amidst these unknowns, who never waivers or worries. Yeah. I think I’ll rest right here.